Weekend Boxoffice Recap

Apparently some of you have grown tired of watching that Pepsi Tattoo video we mentioned and instead decided to go see Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker do what they did in the other Rush Hour movies.

"Rush Hour 3" earned a respectable $50 million this weekend, while our prediction last week that Ultimatum, Simpson's and Underdog would get bumped to the middle of the top five was pretty close to what actually happened. The Bourne Ultimatum dropped 51% from its opening weekend to the #2 spot. Simpsons fell another 55%, down from last weekend's plummet of 65% to hit 3rd place and Transformers got knocked out of the top 10 by a zany Cuba Gooding Jr. as expected bomb "Daddy Day Camp" stunk up the big screen in 10th.

Here's the run down from the box office this weekend:

1 Rush Hour 3 $50,237,000
2 The Bourne Ultimatum $33,671,610
3 The Simpsons Movie $11,125,000
4 Stardust $9,011,000
5 Underdog $6,456,000
6 Hairspray $6,367,000
7 I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry $5,947,675
8 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $5,390,000
9 No Reservations $3,930,000
10 Daddy Day Camp$3,550,000

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