Van Halen Reunion Tour

Its been a rocky road for Van Halen. Springboarding out of the LA music scene in the late 70's their music was different do in no small part to the unique combination of Alex Van Halen's pounding drums and Eddie's incredible guitar virtuosity.

Through the years there's been a lot of ups and a whole lot of downs. Members have come and gone (and come back, and then left again). Now it appears that the thunderous sound of VH will once again be screaming at a concert venue near you soon.

Members of Van Halen (sans original bassist Michael Anthony) have announced that they will be announcing they will be doing a reunion tour with David Lee Roth back in the front-man seat.

Its hard to duplicate Roth's personality he gave to the band in their heyday. It was also this crazy personality that ultimately got him bounced out of the band after the huge commercial success of their album 1984.

However I think people realize that its just not Van Halen without Diamond Dave, as this clip of the band with former Extreme singer Gary Cherone points out.

Still, a reunion without Michael Anthony on bass doesn't seem right, either. It was these four guys that made them a success. Now its just a bunch of has-beens trying to relive their glory days of green M&M's (they used to stipulate in their concert rider that all the brown M&Ms be removed from the candy to see how much the venue was paying attention to them).

The band is set to announce their tour details on Monday.

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