Tom Cruise in Next Star Trek Film?

Apparently, J.J. Abrams is boldly going where no casting director or Scientologist has gone before.

According to IGN, Abrams is said to be courting Tom Cruise to play a cameo part in the new Star Trek film as Captain Christopher Pike, James T Kirk's predecessor on the USS Enterprise.

Cruise's name first surfaced last fall as a possibility for a role in Trek, but Cruise spokesman Arnold Robinson advised at the time, "That story is not true." There was still bad blood between Cruise and Trek studio Paramount at that time, but in recent months Sumner Redstone, the Viacom honcho who ousted Cruise, has softened his rhetoric, leaving the door open for reconciliation. A Cruise cameo in Trek, however, would be a favor to Abrams and not to Paramount.

Maybe if we're lucky, Cruise will wear a Sea Org uniform and tie Scientology and Trek together, forever pissing off Trek fans in the process.

A Cruise cameo wouldn't be bad for the box office, but I can't see a lot of Trekkers getting behind this idea of Cruise as Pike. There appears to be mixed reactions on the TrekFilm website:
Not too keen on the idea of Cruise as Pike. Not seeing it at all…

However, I’m all for exposing Tom Cruise to delta radiation and relegating him to a beeping chair for the rest of his life.

According to Wikipedia, "Captain Pike gets severely injured while rescuing several cadets from a baffle plate rupture onboard a J-class training vessel, the delta ray radiation leaving him mute, badly scarred, and confined to a wheelchair at Starbase 11."

So yeah, if this is post-accident, I think most people would be much happier seeing Tom Cruise playing the character. However I don't think we're going to be that lucky.

Variety reported today in an un-releated article about Abrams that production on "Star Trek" will begin on November 5th.

Stay tuned as more gossip emerges.

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