"Stardust" has Star Wisdom...What Other Movie Can Claim That?

Genres: Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Adaptation
Running Time:
2 hr. 8 min.
Release Date:
August 10th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for some fantasy violence and risque humor.
Paramount Pictures

Directed by: Matthew Vaughn

JJ Rating: A-

Tristan (Charlie Cox) crosses a wall that blocks entrance into a fantasy world to get a star for his love crush. Unbeknownst to him the star that fell from the sky was not just a star by sparkle alone, it was a living being buy the name of Yvaine (Claire Danes). She is not only being sought for by him but by Princess and Witches. She holds something everyone wants. Tristan learns a lot about himself and how to treat a star who happens to be a lady. Stardust.

Stardust has wit and charm and creativity that lacks in most movies this year. It is unique and something that will be over looked and maybe loved later on in its movie life. I think that the script is fantastic and funny and enriched with cleverness. The script is great but would not be a great movie if it were not for the actors that were in it. Danes and Cox have a great on screen chemistry. Robert De Niro plays a part I’ve never really seen him in and is twice the funny because it is him who is playing Captain Shakespeare and not someone else. Michelle Pfeiffer is the Witch Lamia and she is a villainess of hot though I have to say nowhere near the hot of Catwoman in Batman Returns but still hot in a weird witch way. Pfeiffer is a powerful actress when given the part to be such. She has great tenacity and purrrrfect facial expressions that show off her acting more so than just words. Ian McKellen lends his voice for the Narrator. Rupert Everett and Peter O’Toole play silly royalty. Their scene together is funny. “What do you see?” “A kingdom…my kingdom?” The lines do not show the humor as much as the actions that take place.

I did not expect a whole lot from this film for no reason other than because it was just another fantasy movie to me. But it is a different kind of fantasy movie. It was one that had a bit of a fairy tale aspect to it and touch of clever that I think is what some fantasy just lack. It reminds me of how Star Trek can be written. Sometimes in Star Trek movies they could get loss in the Trek-babble and forget the wit of the characters. Being lost in a fantasy world is alright but too serious and it just is like a drama. People have enough drama in their life…they want some place to escape and Stardust provides just that.

Yes I have favorite parts but telling in detail what my favorite parts would be would give away the coolness of the movie. Certain people get turned into animals and the vantage point they give of that via camera angle is pretty nifty. It adds to the mystery of what they are being changed into while giving a different perspective. The visuals were nice. Danes character gets to glow because she is a star. I think her glowing was most awing. She also has some interesting observations as a star that might make you think a bit more than you had thought you’d do with what seems like a simple fantasy story.

I am going to buy this movie. It is a jewel amongst things that have been over done time and time again. This is more on the cool factor of fresh that I’ve going on about for the last couple of weeks. Stardust is a clever title to the movie something that will not be realized until the end as to why they chose that name. Also I believe it’ll be the most underrated movie of the year. If you want to be taken to a fairy tale world with charm and wit then Stardust is worth viewing. It’ll take you there and give you something to think about because stars see everything and Yvaine will impart wisdom for the human viewers from her many years in the sky.

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