Sam Raimi to Direct Clash of the Titans Remake?

Hey look! Another remake of a film most of us loved when we were kids.

According to an inside source at IESB, Sam Raimi has possibly been tapped to be the director of the Lawrence Kasden (who replaced Travis Beacham) penned remake of "Clash of the Titans":

How close are they to getting Raimi to sign on? Don’t know for certain but from
what all sources are indicating no one else has been offered the Clash of the
Titans project and that both Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. execs are
willing to do anything to lock in Sam to a multi-picture deal. Besides, he’s
worked with skeleton armies before so who better for the job?

If true, the re-imagining of this film could bring greek mythology back to the forefront for at least a summer or two. It would be a good fit, seeing as most everyone likes Raimi's work with Spiderman and it wold be slick to see modern CGI replace Ray Harryhausen's dated stop-motion animation for the special effects.

We'll keep you posted when more info is released.

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