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On a recent slow entertainment news day, Yahoo Entertainment ran an article (which reads more like an advertisement than an actual story), in which over-hyped celebutard blogger Perez Hilton was quoted with the following:

"You can call me fat, call me ugly, call me not funny, but don't call me a liar," he told AFP.

Alright, but only because you asked so nicely:

As much as I can't stand the queen, ya gotta give him credit for not turning a pink-chiffoned tail and running from the lawsuits and cease and desist orders. He gets millions of viewers per day, and that allows him to charge advertisers up to $9,000.00 per week for the privilege of hocking their wares on his fluffy little blog. Like it or not, he's carved a niche out for himself in an otherwise tough-to-break-into industry.

Photo credit: AFP/File Photo - modified by your's truly.

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