Photoshop in a Can: Perez Hilton and Others

I love I am totally in love with "14's" artwork and this time around she pokes fun at self-important blogger of note, Perez Hilton with her latest piece entitled "Photoshop in a Can"

See, our "man" Perez thinks he is the shiznit when it comes to celebrity news and gossip. Personally I couldnt give a rats ass what he thinks, but I do admire the fact that he has been able to carve a name for himself and actually do this blogging thing as a full time career.

And now with "Photoshop in a Can" even someone like our corpulent pink-hued fellow here can transform himself from flabby...uh, whatever into a prime hunk of grade -A beefcake.

Good lord, did I just write that? I need some mouthwash.

Anyway, please check out 14's other works and see for yourself just how utterly cool she is.

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