New Streaming Content at the Morgue

We've made a slight change to the top content window here at the morgue. I've gotten rid of Google's news reader and replaced it with a streaming news feed from I liked the reader, but it required me to sift through my extensive list of feeds to mark the information that I think would be most relevant to what we have here on the site. There are days when I cant always do that, so the headlines would never get refreshed. With this new streaming content window we've got a more interactive system. It refreshes itself automatically with the latest entertainment news, and allows you to play video clips without having to go somewhere else.

Also we get paid something like four cents for every gazillion clicks, so yeah maybe in about 30 years I can buy a pack of gum with the profits or something.

So check out the new Entertainment News window at the top and tell me what you think.

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