My Bowl Ad Competition: Round 2

A trip to Hollywood precariously hangs in the balance by a bunch of page hits.

Here's the deal: the guys at My Bowl Ad are attempting to be the first independent advertiser for a Super Bowl commercial. At $3 million per 30 second spot, it's one of the most expensive chunks of air time an advertiser could grab. They've got a very ambitious plan to achieve this and the people at Fuel My Blog are helping to spread the word by holding a contest for bloggers to mention the contest in their blog posts and drive traffic and interest to their site. Its not a bad idea for cross-promotion as it brings traffic to the bloggers, the Fuel My Blog site and the My Bowl Ad site. Sort of a win-win-win situation. Sort of.

Originally this started as a funny caption contest, for which I submitted the picture to the right from my journeys at Burning Man. I used the caption "Understatement of the Day." I thought it was sorta cute. (I've been known to be somewhat witty with the right amount of coffee.)

Little did I know the photo would send me into the second round of this little competition where the winner gets to go to Los Angeles and watch the ad being filmed.

So now, as part of the requirements, I have to "write a funny blog post explaining why [I] should be involved in a Superbowl advert."

So why should I be the one to go? I don't know. I've been pouring over this in my head for the past few days and honestly, I don't think there is any real good reason why I should be the one over someone else. I know that's not the type of answer someone should give in a competition, but hey, it's an honest one. There are probably other contestants out there that would kill for the chance to be on set for the commercial. I'm just not one of them.

I've been a veteran of video and television production for far more years than I care to admit. I've spent a good chunk of my life being the low man on the totem pole in the hierarchy of a production. Fetching coffee and schlepping gear is my life and the only reason I can think of to be the one chosen to go is that being able to go onto a set and watch other people work their butts off would definitely be a nice change of pace.

It might be amusing to come walking onto the set acting like some big-wig producer, demanding things and suggesting to the director that changes be made in the script. "I think all of this needs to be re-shot with more of a red hue to the light. And hey, where the Hell is my Sumatra-blend venti frappuchino with the sugar free caramel syrup?!"

But this is more to do about MyBowlAd and FuelMyBlog than whoever gets chosen. As expected, there's a catch to the competition: To be the winning entry for the trip, I have to get as many people as possible linking to this story, as the voting is strictly based on unique votes.

If it were based on experience with the industry (or possibly writing skill in my not-so-humble opinion) I might be a shoe-in. I have the perspective of someone that knows how difficult it can be to shoot a commercial and as a service to the companies, I could document that process and explain it to people that don't know those things. That would probably be my only edge on the competition.

But if it's simply on page hits, It doesn't matter if my words are eloquent, humorous, or even spelled correctly. All that matters is that I bring the most traffic back to this site through other websites. And my guess is that the number of hits I usually have in a day is not going to be nearly enough to win the competition.

So if you like what you've read, and maybe if you enjoy reading Media Morgue, do me a favor and link back to this page from your own site. Spread the word and help me get some page hits. Its not for charity, its not for a good cause, its to help me sit on my ass on the set of a commercial, while hovering over the craft services table and simultaneously talking loudly about how spoiled the entertainment business is.

So why me? Again, no good reason other than it sounds like something fun to do for a couple of days. The other finalists in this contest may really enjoy the "glitz and glamor" of Hollywood, but I come from the trenches and know better. There is absolutely nothing glamorous about filming a commercial, or shooting a movie. It's a business like anything else. It may be a little weirder than most other jobs, but it still comes down to hard work, stress, long hours and (most importantly) lots of money. In the entertainment business, this is really all that matters.

So yeah, link back to this story and help me win this competition and I will tell you all about life behind the scenes in Hollyweird or something.


Kevin D said...

A really great entry, the winner gets to act to should they wish!

Smartie said...

Hi there, I'm one of the other contestants! Good luck! I wish there were ten prizes because this is the sucky part; trying to beat out someone else :(

Hope it goes well!

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