MTV VMA fashion WTFs

Thankfully, this is not a video about Soleil Moon Frye as the title of the clip would intimate to. It is instead much worse: Here are a bunch of people talking about what Lil Kim and Gwen Stefani wore to the MTV video music awards.

Seriously, is there anyone over the age of 14 that actually watches this awards show, or for that matter cares about music videos that MTV can no longer squeeze into their programming schedule between "My Super Sweet 16" and "The Real World?"

On a side note, here is one of the more memorable moments of the VMA's from 1992 when Nirvana performed their song "Lithium." Apparently Kurt Cobain wanted the band to do their song "Rape Me" but MTV producers freaked out and said no, which is why Cobain starts with the first few bars of the song. MTV was about to dump to commercial when the band finally started the song they were told to play.

The best part is at the end of this clip when bassist Krist Novoselic tosses his bass into the air and has it accidentally nail him in the head. He staggered off stage in a daze.

Classy work, fellas.

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