“Mr. Bean’s Holiday” is Clean Bean Humor

Genres: Comedy, Adaptation and Sequel
Running Time:
1 hr. 28 min.
Release Date: August 24th 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
G Distributors: Universal Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Steve Bendelack

JJ Rating: B+

Mr. Bean wins a vacation. He, through his ridiculous self, makes a father miss the train splitting him from his son. Mr. Bean feels sorry and tries hard to get the son to the father with his silly antics helping and harming on the way. Mr. Bean’s Holiday.

My sense of humor is very versatile. That means I can find several things funny without really sticking to one specific area. That is why I can find Superbad funny last weekend and see Mr. Bean’s Holiday this weekend and found it funny. Someone asked me how could I waste my money to see it and I ask how can someone be so jaded not to think Mr. Bean is funny with his physical comedy? Last weekend was dirty humor of 13 year old boys. This weekend is clean humor of a British man who barely talks. What’s wrong with liking clean humor? If one is to find something wrong with any kind of humor it should be the dirty kind---it says a lot more damaging things about someone who likes it than clean humor could say.

It was a simple story and easy to follow. I could not really tell what kind of story it was going to be by the trailer and so was pleasantly surprised that the lost boy was going to play such a huge role in the movie. Max Baldry plays the lost son and he is pretty funny. I like the mocking scene that happens on the bench between him and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean). It’s cute and simple and I laughed. Trying to call the boy’s dad through all the possible number combinations is pretty funny. The language barrier between Mr. Bean and the other characters is funny. Willem Dafoe’s character has a movie premier and it was funny because of the seriousness it mocked. I really like how the boy and Mr. Bean beg for money. Hahaha.

If you did not like the first one or even like the TV show Bean you most likely will not like this movie at all. There were quite a few people at the theater we went to see it and it did well at the box office. It’s not everyone’s fare that’s understandable. It’s just not something that is stupid and pointless. It’s funny and clean and I like that movies can still be clean without having to be stupid.

I don’t own the first one but I think I’m going to and most likely will buy Mr. Bean’s Holiday. It’s a good movie to watch to laugh away a horrible day. Mr. Bean is such a simple character and wholesome. It’s something that is just not found in movies today. Since this is Mr. Bean's last story, as Rowan Atkinson has stated, I will have to have something to remember him by---maybe I'll even buy the TV show dvds...if ever I find them.

People always claim to want something different and then what do they do? They flock and herd to the same thing everyone else likes---different isn’t really what they want. What they want is something that keeps them in the “cool” side. Faux different is what they go after. I’m up for being different and if liking Mr. Bean is something that puts me on the outs of cool that’s cool with me. Cool Beans that is…Cool Mr. Bean I say.

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