Movie Review: Rush Hour 3

Say hello to our new contributor, "Ms Magenta." She's an big-wig industry insider, a loyal friend and a good lookin tomato, to boot!

She got a chance to see Brett Ratner's latest blow-em-up comedy, Rush Hour 3 with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan.

Here is her review. I am posting it for her just until I can get her a private login to the Morgue.


Rush Hour 3
Reviewed by Ms. Magenta
3 1/2 stars

This is the year for blockbuster sequels, with the most recent offering
in these dog days of summer being Rush Hour 3, which hits theaters this Friday, August 10th.

After a six-year absence from the big screen, Chris Tucker reunites with Jackie Chan, director Brett Ratner, and screenwriter Jeff Nathanson for the third installment in this classic 'buddy cop movie'

Tucker and Chan reprise their roles as LAPD detective James Carter and Chief Inspector Lee, with the movie being set three years since the
story from the Rush Hour 2 adventure ended.

Lee is back on security detail for Ambassador Han (from the original Rush Hour), who has discovered the identity of Shy Shen, the very crux
of the Asian crime ring - The Triads. The Ambassador is about to reveal it to the World Criminal Court – until he is silenced by an assassin's bullet. Lee and Carter reconnect on the streets of downtown LA during Lee's pursuit of the assassin.

You have to know going into this movie, it's a sequel. It's the same characters, the same fish out of water situations, the same racial comedy, and lots of fighting action. This time at least, Tucker gets to show off some fighting skills since apparently Carter spent 'years training in martial arts' and now can do a spinning side-kick with the best of the dozens of assassins thrown their way.

Marked for death by the Triads, their investigation leads them to Paris, the City of Lights. True to form and the simplistic plot of all the Rush Hour films, they are pursued by a multitude of would-be assailants, have several high speed chases and fights, find a beautiful women they need to protect, and are joined by a snarky French cab driver who hates Americans.

The big finale fight scene takes place on the Eiffel Tower, like you didn't see that coming, complete with a girl tied up and hanging by a rope over the edge they need to save. The effect were very impressive and sword fights in the steel beams of the Tower required some amazing

This popular and successful movie franchise practically writes itself at this point, but I can tell you I was laughing through the entire thing. Some of the better lines are in the previews and trailers, but luckily it's only about a third of the total comedy in the movie.

I would have liked to see more of the innovative Jackie Chan fighting style and stunt work, but I have to imagine that after almost 10 years since the first Rush Hour and all the movies since then, that he has to be slowing down to a degree.

Cameo alert - since you can't have a French movie, or a movie set in France without Gerard Depardieu, be sure to look for his daughter as she takes up the torch and has a cameo in this film as the cab driver's wife. Also, another famous French citizen who has a legal aversion to
American, director Roman Polanski, also makes an appearance as Paris Detective Revi, who give both Lee and Carter a special 'welcome to Paris' cavity search upon arrival.

Overall - a fun romp with spot on performances by Chan and Tucker who know these characters inside and out, as well as a solid cast of top notch supporting actors such as Max von Sydow of Exorcist fame, French actor Yvan Attal and Loreal Paris model Noémie Lenoir.

See it with friends and see it this weekend!

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