John from Cincinnati Not Returning to HBO

His visit is over.

It appears that one day after the season finale aired, HBO has pulled the plug on the quirky series.

However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, HBO will stay in business with co-creator David Milch:

Milch, who also created the critically praised HBO drama "Deadwood," is in a process of extending his existing development deal with the premium cable network that runs through August 2008. He already is working on several new projects.

Labeled by critics as "strange," "weird" and "unlikable," "John" never clicked with viewers despite a strong marketing campaign and such well-known leads as Rebecca De Mornay and Bruce Greenwood.
Yup. I would have to agree that the show was just strange in a not necessarily fun to watch sort of way. After the first episode I figured that all the oddball characters and establishing story lines would eventually work to form some kind of coherent story, but after the 4th episode, I grew tired of saying to myself "OK, what the Hell just happened?" and just stopped watching.

Perhaps "John" will live on in underground circles much the same way that David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" did. I don't know, and really don't care.

So long, John.

Photo courtesy: HBO

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