Henry Rollins Show - Freedom Is Under Attack

I've always enjoyed Henry Rollins. Whether its Black Flag, Rollins Band or his spoken word stuff, Henry's never been afraid to say exactly how he feels about something, especially the idiocy and hypocrisies of the American government.

Here is a rant of his posted to YouTube on January 24th. Pretty short, but you get the picture pretty fast.

I'd like to stand up and say "Rollins for President" but we all know if he did run, he'd be slammed so hard by the thin-skinned self-righteous moral majority that live in their po-dunk trailers in the middle of the flyover states, who spend their lives telling the rest of America how it should act and behave that Henry has literally no chance of being elected. Plus the few hundred thousand or even million or so of us that WOULD vote for him would only dilute any real opposition to whatever the political string pullers in Washington feel should be the next pusher of their agenda.

Regardless, all I gotta say is Bravo, Henry. Thank you for living your life how most people only fear to do.

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