E-Boost discount for Media Morgue Readers!

We recently did a side by side comparison of E-Boost energy supplement and Emergen-C and I really fell in love with the ease and effectiveness of E-Boost. To summarize, it kicks ass, cures hangovers and may even prevent cancer. It may also make you look better to the opposite sex, increase your chances of winning the lottery and will make you gain superpowers. (though your mileage may vary with those last three.)

As a service to Media Morgue readers, we managed to grab a 30% discount when you purchase E-Boost online.

Here's how to do it:
Just go to the e-boost website and follow the steps to ordering the stuff. Then when you get to your address information, be sure to add the promotional code: MORGUE (in all caps) in the box. And poof, they'll take an extra 30% off the price of the E-Boost.

Try it for yourself and see what I mean. Its really great stuff.


boopsie said...

Oh my god!!!! Thank you so much for the discount i have been buying this product at every W Hotel i travel too and absolutely love this product, love, love, love....It is great for Jet Lag, everyday healthy energy, building immunity...i don't swear by much but i also have 2 young kids where i was sick 2-3x a month and i swear once i started taking this product i haven't been sick one time.......

The Judge said...

Glad you like it.

I gave it the crucial test not too long ago when I caught a cold. Took it twice in the morning and twice at night and my cold went away in about 48 hours. I cant 100% say it was the e-boost that did it, but that was the shortest cold Ive ever had.

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