Britney Dissed by an Energy Drink

The beaches of Malibu became a platform for an energy drink manufacturer to jump on the knock-a-celeb-when-their-down bandwagon as the train wreck that is Britney Spears continues to help sell products.

Eboost energy drink decided to tow the banner along the Malibu coast yesterday, subjecting beach-goers to an age-old advertising ploy. The banner read, "Britney Stop boozing start boosting! EBOOST"

This is not the first time Eboost has pulled this stunt. During steroid-sucking, prima-donna Barry Bond's attempt to break Hank Aaron's home run record at Dodger Stadium last week, Eboost flew a similar banner around Chavez ravine that said, "Barry, You Should Have EBOOSTED! Go To EBOOST.COM."

So what is Eboost? Basically, it's an Emergen-C knock off. Its a packet of powder you add to water and drink. Its packed with Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B-12 and a few other things.

We'd be happy to do a side-by-side comparison of the product if only EBoost would send us a free packet of the stuff. (hint hint, fellas)


Anonymous said...

We will be sending you a nice package of EBOOST and look forward to the side by side test. To clarify we are a daily wellness product that boosts your immunity, energy & mental accuity, meant to be taken everyday

Anonymous said...

So, what did you do this post? Did you review it?

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