Bravo's "Flipping Out" Questions Sensibility

So did anyone catch Bravo's new reality show "Flipping Out" last night?

Yeah, me neither.

Apparently it's a show about an overly-oppressive, obsessive- compulsive guy that likes to buy million dollar houses and flip them for millions more than they're worth.

Its still too early to tell what most critics thought of the of the show, but the buzz before the episode aired seemed to suggest that reality drama is still alive and well in the rapidly nose-diving housing market of Southern California. This guy is re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic and according to the TV executives that greenlight stuff like this, that always makes for good TV.

Ginia Belafanta of the New York Times had this to say about it:
Jeff Lewis is a very scary man, and he isn't scary solely because he treats his employees like dust mites or consults a psychic to assist him in the running of his business or sends his cat, Monkey, to an acupuncturist. No, Jeff Lewis, a Los Angeles real estate speculator, evokes a chill because he is so leveraged, a man balancing multiple mortgages like bricks on a noodle.

And Gawker, while in the middle of their article about a video of some guy pitching a story idea to Esquire felt that the show's possibly gay star leaves a lot to be desired:

holy Christ, that queen is a mess, and I think they're advertising on this site or something so I feel weird even mentioning it but, whoa, totally insane, it's maybe sending gay dignity either forward or back two decades, who can tell?
Bravo has been known for putting reality shows up that make you wonder what they were thinking, but then grow in popularity. Perhaps "Flipping Out" will be the next "Blow Out" or possibly the next "Work Out."

Or maybe when the star of the show finally bankrupts his business and spends the rest of his life neatly organizing the dust bunnies of his cardboard box house in an ally somewhere, they could just call it "Down and Out".

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blogsurfer said...

I have watched "Flipping Out" and I think it was a very interesting show. I'm so impress that Bravo TV has brought up a show like this and at the same time, bringing us "Tori" the psychic who seems to have a very clear and strong personality (which is rare for a woman to stand up to someone like Jeff).

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