Branson Speaks out on Water Fight (sort of)

Since posting our original story about the mug-of-water-chugging incident between Richard Branson and Stephen Colbert, we've been in contact with Richard Branson who shared with us his side of the story.

Actuall, we're pretty sure that this is not really THE Sir Richard Branson, (our first clue was that it comes from a blog called Fake Richard Branson) but my guess is that these words are going to be better than any formal press release we get to see:

So I'm on his show, and he's going on and on, trying to get me to sign some piece of s**t. I'm Richard Branson, and run 250 different companies! I don't sign anything unless it's been through the right advisors on my team (believe me, I totally f**k things up if I don't.) Anyway, next thing I know he's wrapping up the interview without even mentioning Virgin America, my gift to the airline industry of America. Well, I show him what I think about that by throwing my cup of water in his face. Take that, arsehole! Well, then he managed to get some water of his own, and threw it at me. Then the time for the interview was really over.

According to the blog, the water fight will air on the show. Good! Although I think Colbert would gain more popularity if they just released it to YouTube and let the internet do the marketing for him.

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