Be Kind Rewind is Starting to Gain Momentum

We at the Morgue found it interesting that we couldn't find an official website for Jack Black's latest film, "Be Kind Rewind." Also interesting that the New Line website didn't even mention this film on their main website.

Great marketing guys. Really top notch work.

Perhaps they were thinking that viral marketing would do their work for them. The trailer premiered at ComiCon, so I guess New Line figures that word of mouth is destined to spread on this one. And I guess they are right, because here I am talking about it, despite any help from a marketing department like the good little virus-carrying host that I am.

Bastards! I'm perpetuating a marketing tactic! God I feel so dirty.

Anyway, I did a little digging and here is what I came up with:

"Be Kind Rewind" stars Jack Black as Jerry, a junkyard worker who attempts to sabotage a power plant that he believes is melting his brain. But when his plan goes awry, the magnetic field that he creates accidentally erases all of the videotapes in a local video store where his best friend Mike (Mos Def) works. Fearing that the mishap will cost Mike his job, the two friends team up to keep the store's only loyal customer ­ a little old lady with a tenuous grasp on reality ­ from realizing what has happened by recreating and re-filming every movie that she decides to rent. From Back to the Future, to Robocop, to Rush Hour, to The Lion King, Jerry and Mike become the biggest stars in their neighborhood by starring in the biggest movies ever made.

Originally scheduled to be released next year, it looks like New Line has bumped it up to premiere in limited release on December 21st.

Here is the trailer, which is number 3 in the top 10 most watched viral video clips right now:

In an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, writer/director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) mentioned that just prior to starting principal photography, they encountered a big set-back to producing a movie about other movies:

"The rights situation in the world is getting ridiculous," he says. "I have to reimagine a quarter of my film one week before I shoot. It's absurd. We are not allowed to shoot graffiti without the permission of the person who drew it, even something like 'f -- you.' "

Apparently they also needed to get permission from every writer, director and producer of each film they were re-creating in their film. Not an easy thing to do.

So will this movie be any good? Well, if you are a fan of Jack Black, or really enjoy Michel Gondry's odd storytelling style, my guess is you are going to really enjoy this film.


Reel Fanatic said...

This movie is just going to be so much silly fun that I don't see how it could possibly be bad, especially the pairing of Mos and Black

The Judge said...

I have to agree. I enjoyed Mos' crazy comedy style in Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy and I think he will be a perfect straight-man to Black's nuttiness. I'm definitely going to see this one.

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