The "Ebert and Roeper" Online Database

Roger Ebert has recently undergone cancer surgery that has left him temporarily unable to speak. A brutally unfair outcome for someone that makes their livelihood on their ability to communicate with the world. He's not sure when he will be able regain his voice, but just because he can't speak right now, doesn't mean Roger is sitting still.

Unveiled today is a compilation of Ebert, his late partner (and sometime nemesis Gene Siskel) and his current partner Richard Roeper on what they claim is the largest collection of video-based movie reviews online.

Titled simply Ebert and Roeper, it's a massive database of thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs in video clips, containing 5,000 movie reviews that span over 20 years of work.

So if you are interested to see what they said about "Gigli" or "Apocalypse Now, check out the site. When we visited, there were still a few bugs being worked out of the system (the video image wasn't seated correctly in the website's box, so you only saw the upper left corner of the image) but I am sure they will get these tweaks taken care of quickly.

Watching two critics argue about what they liked or didnt like about a film is entertaining to a certain extent, but my favorite clip of Siskel and Ebert actually comes when they are not on camera as this clip on YouTube illustrates:

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