American Gladiators Makes a Comeback

Showing once again that Hollywood is completely devoid of original ideas, Variety reports that NBC has dug up the 90's game show "American Gladiators" as a mid-season replacement for some other show that will not be on the air long:
"We've been circling around this property for a long time now," said Craig Plestis, exec VP of alternative programming, development and specials at NBC Entertainment. "It's truly what's not in the TV landscape right now. While everyone's zigging, I'm attracted to doing a zag."
Producers say they want the revised series to be more like the UK version of the hit show from the 90's and will focus more on the behind-the-scenes stories of common people attempting to overcome the physical strength and stamina of ridiculously-overbuilt muscle-bound "athletes" in a variety of different competitions.

So dust off that red, white and blue wrestling suit and start shooting up the 'roids, folks. Its going to be an interesting mid-season.

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