ABC Kills "Knights of Prosperity" and "The Nine"

In this age of must-make-a-profit-right-from-the-start programming, here's the latest cadavers to hit the slab of Media Morgue, courtesy of the American Broadcasting Company:

Variety is repoting that ABC has killed both "The Knights of Prosperity" and "The Nine" due to poor ratings.

The network pulled the well-reviewed shows after two low-rated airings for "Nine" and one for "Knights." "Knights," which aired Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m., will be replaced by repeats of "According to Jim."

"Well reviewed?" In its own review of "Knights" back in December, Variety said "while it's hard not to harbor some sympathy for these poor schmoes, ABC will likely need considerable patience in affording these hapless "Knights" time to find their holy grail."

The premise behind Knights sounds interesting, but I dont even remember it being on the air. I enjoy Donal Logue's acting (he was brilliant in "The Tao of Steve") but when it comes to situation-comedy, maybe he needs to take a break and get back into film.

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