Weekend Boxoffice Recap

Overall it was a fairly slow weekend for the box office. Most films out right now had stellar opening weekends and are still riding the wave of popularity as they continue to rake in the numbers. Only a couple of new films came out and they naturally dominated the numbers. The nerdy wizard is back, and summarily trounced the big robots this weekend as "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" summoned $77.4 million to take the first place seat. Meanwhile, The Transformers fell 48% this weekend into second place, clearing $36 million.

Here are the complete stats:

1 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $77,410,000
2 The Transformers $36,000,000
3 Ratatouille $18,019,000
4 Live Free or Die Hard $10,875,000
5 License to Wed $7,440,000
6 1408 $5,010,000
7 Evan Almighty $4,971,680
8 Knocked Up $3,652,950
9 Sicko $2,650,000
10 Ocean's Thirteen $1,910,000

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