"Weekend" box office totals

A lot of you apparently went to see Transformers this oddly-placed holiday "weekend."

Jerry Bruckheimer's latest adaptation of a Generation X pop cartoon brought in an impressive $27.45 million on Tuesday. While this doesn't make it the largest open ever, its a record breaker for a Tuesday opening.

The only thing that bugs me is the inevitable grandstanding that the studios do. For example, technically, Transformers opened Monday afternoon in various theaters across the country and brought in $8 million. Then Tuesday the 3rd, it made $27.45 mil. And on the 4th, it cleared $29 million.

And yet this is all considered "the weekend numbers."

Here's the run-down of the July 4th totals:

1 The Transformers $29,073,898
2 Ratatouille $10,205,079
3 Live Free or Die Hard $6,035,000
4 License to Wed $2,966,228
5 Evan Almighty $2,836,080
6 1408 $1,617,545
7 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer $1,485,000
8 Knocked Up $1,330,410
9 Sicko $1,160,118
10 Ocean's Thirteen $1,155,223

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