Weekend Box Office Recap

ComiCon is finally over. The batteries in the portable lightsabers have long since been depleted, the bags of comic book merchandise and wrappers from whatever overpriced anime action figures that were purchased are blown to the four corners of hotels everywhere around the convention center, the blisters on the feet from all the walking and the hoarse voice from talking about Indiana Jone's love interest or Iron Man's suit, or whatever, have begun their slow, laborious healing process. In other words, San Diego can finally rid itself of the throngs of uber-geeks and go back to being a rest stop for illegal aliens on their way over the border.

And while all of that was going on, the rest of America went to the theater and saw Homer Simpson be himself. The big yellow fella KILLED the rest of the films out this weekend by grossing over $71 million. Meanwhile Harry Potter dropped to third, Bruce Willis hung on to #8 and Lindsay Lohan's utterly fantastic flop of a film, (destined to win a Golden Raspberry) came in at #9.

Here is the full run down of the box office totals for the weekend.

1 The Simpsons Movie $71,850,000
2 I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry $19,062,945
3 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $17,065,000
4 Hairspray $15,550,000
5 No Reservations $11,755,000
6 The Transformers $11,500,000
7 Ratatouille $7,234,000
8 Live Free or Die Hard $5,350,000
9 I Know Who Killed Me $3,400,000
10 Who's Your Caddy? $2,900,000

However, Homer's days at the top of the heap are numbered. Next week we have Matt Damon's "The Bourne Ultimatum," Andy Sanberg's "Hot Rod," the Live Action kid flick "Underdog" and the 90 minute commercial, "Bratz"

Stay tuned for all the info.

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