The Smith and Chin Show

As I have said before, there is far too much rubber-stamp filmmaking in Hollywood. Because of the substantial investment in making a film, the studios are not willing to take a chance on anything that doesn't become a blockbuster right out of the gate. We at Media Morgue support and encourage new film and new filmmakers. In that vein, here is "The Smith and Chin Show": two guys hanging out to review films from students at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University. Who knows, maybe we're looking at the next a-list director.

At least I think so, but it's hard to tell from the clips they show. I am sincerely hoping that they were edited to fit into the little video they had, because otherwise I don't get it. PLEASE tell me that those weren't the full clips: A guy threatened with death by a swinging guillotine, a script writer that writes a script and then sleeps in late, and a kid that wants to buy shoes for his mom.

Is that all there is? Why not include the entire film? Is it too long? I don't get it.

And what's with the two on-camera talent introducing the clips? Could they maybe rehearse which camera they need to be looking at when delivering their lines? Everything seems a little weird. But these guys are probably instructors at the school and not necessairly have a lot of on-camera experience. It doesn't matter really. Its the clips they are introducing that should be considered. But if they only show a minute or two of the film, how can you tell if a film is good or bad?

Regardless, thanks to Wildfire for the link. Keep em coming, fellas and we'll be happy to host the clips on the Morgue.

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