“The Simpsons Movie” Cowabunga DUDE!

Genres: Comedy, Animation and Adaptation
Running Time:
1 hr. 25 min.
Release Date:
July 27th, 2007 (wide) MPAA Rating: PG-13 for irreverent humor throughout.
20th Century Fox

Directed by: Steve D. Moore, Gregg Vanzo, Steven Markowski

JJ Rating: B+

Homer screws up. He screws up and then what does he do? Screws up again. Even after he screws up twice what does he do? Screws up again. Then what…he tries to fix it. The Simpsons Movie.

Homer does the screwing up. Bart does the new dad thing. Lisa finds love. Marge has trouble with a prophecy and whether or not Homer is worth it any more. Maggie finds ins and outs. The whole Simpsons family has a role in the movie. They even make a joke that the movie is just a longer TV show.

To me the Simpsons are charming and loveable and even go as far to say one of the pristine TV American families. They are just good at their antics. Family Guy is funny but if I were to suggest which of the two would be a classic and still funny years down the road it would be The Simpsons. This movie proves it. They are right we could all sit at home and watch the TV show instead of stepping out of our house to go to a theater to see the same thing. I did it and so did millions of others. I do not watch the TV show every Sunday but I know all about the Simpsons enough to want to go and see the movie.

Was I disappointed? Well I’m not a huge fan of them but I like them and I was not disappointed by the movie. The more I think about it the funnier the movie gets in my head.

There are a couple of funny scenes in the movie that I really like that deal with making fun of the movie itself. Over all I did enough laughing that had me enjoy the film. I like the type of humor the Simpsons have going for them. Example would be:

Bart: This is the worst day of my life.

Homer: Worst day of your life, so far.

That’s just funny. It will always be funny and it’s not something that has jokes that mock the time it was written in. It’s jokes that are going to be funny years from now.

I’m not a huge fan so I cannot go off and tell you all the little things that they have in the movie that are from different episodes. I’m pretty sure there are little Easter Eggs like that all in this movie. I just know I enjoyed watching it and I like that it was still hand drawn, for the most part. I think the story that they created for the movie worked and it wasn’t like watching a long episode on Sunday night. It was like seeing a movie and that’s good. It still have the TV show feel that made it stick around for so long but it was worthy of being shown on the big screen.

As I’ve said I’m not a fan but I’m sort of thinking I just might buy this movie just to have it. I’m very sure they’ll have extras and I think that’ll rock. They planned this movie for a long while because in 1997 Twentieth Century Fox registered the internet domain SIMPSONSMOVIE.COM. That was 9 years before the movie was greenlighted. They started writing the script in 2003. There’s got to be great extras on the DVD when it comes out and I’m sure it’ll entertain just like the movie has.

The Simpsons TV show has given us so much. “Eat my shorts”, “DoH!”, saxophone playing, comic books, Butterfinger commercials, humor and now they’ve given us a movie. I think The Simpsons Movie is every bit as great as the many years they’ve given as America’s Sunday Night Family—Cowabunga Dude!

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