The Simple Life Aint So Simple

Paris Hilton just cant seem to catch a break.

First she goes to jail for DUI and driving under an suspended license.

Then there is news yesterday that her dear old Grandad has pulled Paris out from his inheritance. A rumor that has yet to be confirmed, nor denied.

Then, Britney, Lindsay and even Nicole Richie take the spotlight away from Paris by being more crazy, stupid and pregnant (in that order).

And now her television show is to be no more.

The Insider has confirmed that E! Television has decided not to pick up the not-really-worth watching-even-if-you-are-stoned-on-borrowed-cocaine-and-Valtrex reality show "The Simple Life" for another season. The Hollywood Reporter says the show could still be picked up by some other network if they wanted, but so far no one wants to touch anything Paris has already used.

Although Richie confirmed to radio jock and all-around media whore Ryan Seacrest that she has signed on for a sixth and seventh season of their reality series, no one has apparently told Nicole that she is going to have to find someone else's coattails to ride for a while.

But don't you worry about Paris. She'll be alright. In addition to just listing her mansion for the rock-bottom price of $4 million, according to the Associated Press, Paris will be "singing" in a new movie musical called "Repo! The Genetic Opera"

The rock opera, based on a play, will center around a company that sells human organs on a payment plan - if you miss a payment, they repossess the body part. (sounds like great dinner theater) Paris will play the attention-seeking daughter of the company's owner, to be played by actor and someone with some actual talent Paul Sorvino.

Hmmm...Paris playing an attention seeking daughter. Good thing she wont have to worry about all that "acting stuff" getting in the way of her stage time.

Note: I cant believe I just wrote another article about this ditz. Someone please stop me.

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