Shoot 'Em Up trailer.

Sometimes a film's flaws can be hidden or overlooked by a great trailer. How many times have we sat in a theater watching the previews and said "Wow. that looks like a great movie. I'll have to check it out when it comes out." only to find out that the movie isn't as good as the trailer that's promoting it? Far too often, in my estimation.

However, sometimes no matter how well the trailer may be produced, it can't hide the fact that the movie is a bottom-of-the-barrel schlock-fest.

For a perfect example of this, here is the trailer for the New Line flick "Shoot em Up" staring Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci scheduled to be released in September.

It looks like a film I am sure all the actors will soon regret being a part of.

And with that, here is an open letter to Paul Giamatti:

Seriously buddy, your work has been exceptional. Your acting is usually a joy to watch and we all think you were robbed of an Oscar for "Sideways," but the one flaw I would say you have is that more often than not, your choice of films sometimes leaves me wondering why you even bother to employ an agent. Is there nobody looking out for your career? I mean, playing an assassin is not below you, but this over the top, teeth-gritting, character you play in this upcoming stinker couldn't be more cheesier if you were wearing a wheel of cheddar around your neck. Were you trying to be serious? Is the cell phone thing supposed to show your duality with life or was it just a silly comic relief device that someone on the crew came up with while filming? Either way, the final result leaves me slack-jawed.

Come on, Paul. There are great scripts out there. Find one and get that Oscar that you deserve and stop co-staring in crap like this.



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