Shaft Joins Speed Racer

Richard "Shaft"Roundtree, whom you have seen countless times in bit parts and cameos in film and TV and probably said "oh yeah, THAT guy" has joined the cast of the Wachowski brothers' film Speed Racer, which is currently in production. Roundtree will play Ben Burns, a racer-turned-commentator who is an icon to the fans and a hero to Speed.

So far the cast for the film breaks down like this:

Emile Hirsh - Speed Racer
Christina Ricci - Trixie
John Goodman - Pops
Matthew Fox - Racer X
Susan Sarandon - Mom Racer
Paulie Lit - Spritle

And a few other people, but those are the main characters.

Stay tuned as we try to find out more about the film currently in production. (maybe some shots of the Mach 5 in action?)

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