Rob Zombie's New Halloween

The trailer for Rob Zombie's new Halloween film has just been posted to his website. Check it out for more details. Apparently it's only available between 9pm and 4am (ostensibly to protect young, impressionable youth from grabbing a kitchen knife, donning a cheap William Shatner mask and setting off to copycat what they see in a two minute trailer), so pay attention to what time it is in your time zone.

Carolina Korth at Latino Review landed an interview with Mr. Zombie at ComiCon yesterday where he talked about his reasons and philosophy for exhuming and re-inventing the franchise. Its a pretty good interview and I like the direction that Zombie is taking this series.

It also doesn't take long to see why Korth was able to get the interview in the first place. Personally I wish she would have asked why Zombie thinks we need YET ANOTHER variation on a theme that's been done to death (no pun intended, but pretty funny). With a mind like Zombie's, couldn't we see something original for a change? Or if its really necessary to resurrect a character we've seen before, why not drag out Captain Spaulding one more time and do a third film in the House of 1000 Corpses/ Devils Rejects line.

PS, Yes I do know how Rejects ends, so horror geeks please refrain from flaming me with your mental diarrhea... I'm just saying that a trilogy would be nice to see, instead of dragging a lame-ass character like Michael Meyers back onto the big screen again.

Yeah I said it. Sue me.

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