Ray Stevenson to Play the Next Punisher?

We didnt realize it, but they are doing yet-another Punisher film with yet-another actor playing the lead role.

And the guys over at Cinematical, quoting a "very reliable source" from "Latino Review" (yeah, I know that seems weird) say that the actor that will be the new punisher will be Ray Stevenson.

Thus spoke Cinematical:
Latino Review expects this information to be confirmed at ComicCon later this week or possibly before. Stevenson's biggest film role so far was probably as Dagonet in 2004's King Arthur, but he's most likely best known as Titus Pullo on HBO's very entertaining (and of course, canceled -- damn you, HBO!) Rome. Thomas Jane played the Punisher in 2004, Dolph Lundgren played the part in 1989. Former World Karate and Kickboxing Champion Lexi Alexander (Green Street Hooligans) will direct The Punisher 2. The villain will be Jigsaw, whom I faintly remember from my days of collecting comic cards to fit in at junior high school.
So once again we have to ask the question: Do we REALLY need another remake or sequel of a film thats been done two or three times already? Is there absolutely no originality left in Hollywood, or are studio execs really that paranoid to try out something new for fear of box office failure? And how long will movie audiences be content to watch regurgitated comic book nostalgia from their pre-adolescence?

The Morgue has an insider that will be attending ComiCon next week. Provided we can bribe them enough, we hope to have a detailed review of the event with all the highs and lows spelled out for us.

As always, stay tuned.

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