"Ratatouille" Dances Gracefully on My Movie Taste

Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Kids/Family and Animation
Running Time:
1 hr. 51 min.
Release Date:
June 29th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava

JJ Rating: A-

Remy is a rat. Rats are not liked in kitchens especially those of restaurants. Linguini needs a job and gets one as a trash boy. Remy loves to cook. Linguini can’t. So when they get together it’s magical. Ratatouille.

Fantastic animation. The food worked and looked like food. I heard that they had to create a whole new program that would make food look more “real”. They said that the food looked too plastic and not like food. Well it worked. I guess next to water food is something that is hard to animate. They also did well with water because there was a water scene. The hair on the human characters looked better than in previous films. It seemed to have more of a hair texture. The animation was very smooth and it was just sweet amazing.

The story line is one that has been done over and over again about how people have their own section in life and they are not allowed to cross over because it’s taboo. Ratatouille takes it from a different angle because it has a rat that is a good cook. But no human cook would tell you they’d let a rat in their kitchen. Rat in a kitchen is just gross. Same in the story it’s just gross. People have a set way of seeing things and if something doesn’t fit then it’s just “wrong”. This shows that there are exceptions to those thoughts and if you let them be exceptions you’ll enter a world that is more rewarding than you thought possible. Possibilities for things to be awesome only happen if someone is willing to take the appropriate chances with those who show they are worthy even if they are seemingly just a rat.

There were awesome visuals in the movie. There is a food critic (Anton Ego) whose typewriter takes on a look of something death like and the room itself is shaped in such a way it might freak some out if they catch it. That amount of detail is what makes this movie great. I saw that and I was like wow. I like little things that are shown that make the movie cool. Reading is cool because you can use your own imagination. A movie is cool because your eyes can catch certain things that are not particularly part of the story, but still enhance the story in a way. It’s something that books cannot do and I think it’s great when a movie takes advantage of that. The voice over from the food critic towards the end of the film is one of my favorite parts because it’s so true word for word.

I like not knowing who the voices are in the movie because it might take away from the movie itself if I’m focusing on them and trying to hear “them”. So I did not know whose voice was in this movie but was pleasantly surprised that Peter O’Tool and Janeane Garofalo were in the film as Anton Ego (the food critic) and Colette (the female cook). They did a great job as did everyone else. I think knowing who is who could steal from the performance if it’s noticeable but I think they both altered their voice enough to make them unrecognizable but fit their character.

Ratatouille is a great movie and I was amused by the humor and touched by the story. I really like Disney and Pixar movies because they are for kids and they are not riddled with cynicism that other cartoon movies are. It’s just simple story told and it has meaning that could shape a child in the right direction. That there are people who are different but just because they are doesn’t mean they cannot do something like other “normal” people.

I may own this movie. It is one I like but I also liked Cars and I have not bought that so yeah. I think that parents would enjoy this film as well as their kids so it’s a movie for the whole family. That’s a good thing because those are sort of rare. Ratatouille may be about a rat but it was sweet and fluffy like a mouse and it stole the cheese instead of cut it and that is something that makes my movie appetite appreciative.

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