Just What the World Needs: A Young Ace Ventura

Variety is reporting that 12 year old Josh Flitter (the kid from License to Wed and Nancy Drew) will star in Morgan Creek's production of Ace Ventura 3, which will be directed by David M. Evans and begin principal photography on Sept 17 in Orlando.

The screenplay, written by three guys you've never heard of and have no IMDB credits other than this project..."centers on the son of Ace Ventura following in his father's footsteps by becoming a pet detective for the 7th-grade set and tracking a stolen baby panda after his mother's wrongly arrested for the crime."

So what we will see is a kid mimicking all the moves of Jim Carrey in a movie that is destined to go straight to DVD.

Seriously, a sequel to Ace Ventura with a kid? By the time the film comes out, Josh will be 14 (and my guess) seriously regretting that he ever agreed to parade around pretending to be Jim Carrey's progeny.

File this one on the kids DVD shelf along with Dr. Doolittle 3, the Spy Kids series, and Little Ninjas.

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