I Know Who Killed my Career

Phone the neighbors, wake the kids and alert CNN, folks. This one comes as a real shocker:

Lindsay Lohan's latest film, "I know who killed me" is a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE movie.

Put aside the 11 days out of rehab, drunk driving, not-MY-cocaine-in-my-pants, off-screen, car chase drama created by the films "star." You can even brush off the studio's avoidance of having the film screened to critics prior to release (usually a dead-on tell that the flick blows chunks).

All you have to do to know how stinky the film is, is to check out Rottentomatoes. These are a fair assessment of how a film is doing and with I Know Who Killed Me it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that "8% fresh" out of a possible 100 is pretty deplorable.

Here are some of the more notable reviews:

Michael Rechtshaffen of the Hollywood Reporter summed it up by saying, "There's a fresh candidate in the running for worst movie of 2007 honors."

Lue Lumerick of the New York Post called it, "a sleazy, inept and worthless piece of torture porn."

Christy Lemire of Associated Press said, "It makes you wonder what Lohan was thinking when she said yes to this project."

And my favorite quote comes from Brian Tallerico of UGO, who said "Much like the career of its star, I Know Who Killed Me opens promisingly, starts to stumble in the middle and has gotten so laughably ridiculous by the final act that you can't take it seriously at all."

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