Hollywood Panders to ComiCon Audience

Without a doubt, ComiCon has become Geek Mecca.

For four days, over a hundred thousand comic book, science fiction and collectible enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to San Diego for what has become the largest comic book and pop culture event in the North America.

The people that attend ComiCon can be a very colorful bunch. They are the epitome of the uber-geek: They can recite verbatim every word of dialog from the fourth episode of the second season of Babylon 5. Their Stormtrooper costume is more accurate than anything that might be on display at Skywalker Ranch, and they take their passion for this niche of the entertainment industry very VERY seriously.

And Hollywood is starting to pay very close attention to them.

ComingSoon.net has exclusive photos (in other words, snapshots from the pre-event party last night) that include of all of the nifty exhibits Hollywood is putting together to suck up to this growing majority demographic. Photos include shots of displays from Indiana Jones 4, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Resident Evil: Extinction, The Golden Compass, Doomsday, Pirates of the Caribbean, 300 and a bunch more.

Check them all out here.

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