Weekend Box Office Recap

It's really no surprise that Ocean's Thirteen won the weekend, and yet another animated penguin movie breaks into the top five. What is surprising, though is the fact that Disturbia is still clinging to the top ten at 59 days in release. Meanwhile Spider-man dropped to 8th while the new Hostel sequel opened at number six.

Here is the wrap up from the weekend.

1 Ocean's Thirteen $37,080,000
2 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
3 Knocked Up $20,016,960
4 Surf's Up $18,000,000
5 Shrek the Third $15,750,000
6 Hostel: Part II $8,750,000
7 Mr. Brooks $5,000,000
8 Spider-Man 3 $4,400,000
9 Waitress $1,650,000
10 Disturbia $550,000

Due up next week it Fox's Fantastic Four sequel, Warner Brother's modern cutesy remake of Nancy Drew and Miramax's kung-fu meets T&A stinker, DOA

Have a great Monday.

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