“The Waitress” Good God Great Movie Pie

Genres: Comedy
Running Time:
1 hr. 44 min.
Release Date:
May 2nd, 2007 (limited)
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for sexual content, language and thematic elements.
Fox Searchlight Pictures

Directed by: Adrienne Shelly

JJ Rating: A+

Jenna can bake a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat pie. She thinks about all kinds of pies to make a lot and comes up with funky names that show how she is feeling in the moment of creating the pie. She is in a terrible relationship with a man who she dreads stating as her husband. She works at a diner with two of her really good friends and a boss that just never says a nice thing and then she meets a new person who is her doctor…then things start changing whether it’s for the good or the bad she doesn’t quite know until the end. The Waitress.

Stories of love have been done so many times that we all know the stories by heart. This one is no different in that regard but what is different is how it is told. The story is told with such freshness as apple pie on a summer day that it gives life to the old and over told. No story is boring there are only boring story tellers or writers. The Waitress is a prime and pristine example of over done story with great story telling. It brings out awesomeness in what one might now think as dull.

Keri Russell is so great that a pie should be named after her. It should be called “The Keri Acts Most Fantastic Pie” and what would be in it would be espresso beans for bitter and strawberries for the sweet with cinnamon for charm and that is what she gave The Waitress: Bittersweet Charm. Someone hand her an award because not only does the pie named after her deserve one but her acting does because it’s the first movie I’ve seen, this year, that someone actually did some great acting.

Over all The Waitress has a very blunt feel to it in its telling. It would probably most likely be because Jenna is a blunt character to everyone about her feelings other than her husband. To her husband she has a backhanded way of saying the woman things in which he wants to hear from her.

I loved it. I loved how Russell looks through the entire movie because she has great control over her face and how it tells more than the words her mouth drops. She commands everything on the screen to make her seen and seen in the light of the story and her character. Adrienne Shelly pulled some great acting out of Russell and out of everyone else. They all did really well and it made the movie very enjoyable. I did constantly crave the pies I saw throughout but that’s another story—I’m constantly craving food.

I want to own this movie and I want to see it again. It has this lovely sparkle of hope for people who are not well off in life but have a spark of talent that goes unused. Jenna knew how to make pies and everyone told her that they were awesome pies but she was in a rut. But this movie shows that even if life throws you a rough deck you can make do and stand up and be who it is you want to be and not allow those who are walls to box you in.

The Waitress is a feel good movie with great humor moments that had me laughing from beginning to the end. The wacky conversations that are had with blunt speak, the pie names, the facial expression, the characters who stand out as weird—all of this adds to the charm of this very wonderfully made movie. The Waitress serves humble pie to those big budget movies that just bomb—this movie is made of what audience’s want. Box office proves it. It was in about 500 theaters last weekend and grossed 4 million. Pay attention Hollywood and give us movies that can stand the test of time and make our hard earned bucks worth spending: movies like i.e. The Waitress.

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