Von Teese To Challenge Herself by Playing A Stripper

Contact Music reports that Dita Von Teese - who recently managed to break free of Marilyn Manson's soul-pickeling, emo-boy vortex of suck - will play a stripper in a new film that will be shot on Willy Nelson's ranch. This shouldn't be too much of an acting stretch for her as Dita has been taking her clothes off professionally for many years. Not in a take-it-off-and-heres-my-vagina way, but as a true to the 40's and 50's era burlesque performer. So this part shouldn't provide any real difficulties.

Von Teese will take the lead in "The Boom Boom Room," based on a novel by Lian Lunson. She will star alongside Willie Nelson and Katherine Helmond, who will mentor Von Teese's young stripper.

Orian Williams, the Producer of the film describes the story: "It's the journey of an everyday girl to the world of burlesque. You see the transition. It's a beautiful family story, almost a fairy tale, about love and loss and gain."

The story has Dita playing Adeline Winter who embarks on a journey for gold and ends up dancing at the infamous "Exotic World" club owned by the once famous burlesque dancer Dixie Meade (Helmond) and Jimmy Riggs (Willie). According to an anonymous source at IMDB, "The land on which Exotic World stands is believed to hide a gold mine and a fight for the land ensues."

Kind of a strange storyline, but we'll see if this does anything.

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