Studio 60: Still Dead

A Media Morgue reader asked some questions about Studio 60's recent reappearance on NBC's lineup:
"I love Studio60, and thankfully I did not delete it from my active TiVo list otherwise I would not have know it was back on.

What is NBC trying to do, kill it off by keeping it a secret. I don't even see any blog from the folks at TV Guide.

If this show dies, it's because everyone proclaimed it was doomed, it disappeared and no one told us it was back!"
Hate to burst your bubble there, but this is not a return of Aaron Sorkin's post-West Wing pet project. The next few episodes being aired are the shows that were already "in the can" when NBC pulled the plug on the series. The series is still dead, NBC is just poking the body with a stick for fun at this point.

It's a shame that this show didn't get a strong following during its run. It seemed so hopeful only a year ago when it was announced during the 2006 upfronts. But despite critical acclaim, the public never really took to the idea of a behind-the-scenes series of a variety comedy show (ala Saturday Night Live) and all the crazy, character-developing storylines it brings. The miniscule ratings spelled doom right out of the gate. NBC tried to hold the show on for as long as possible, making excuses that while the ratings were low, they were strong with the most important part (read: profitable) demographic of the Neilsen television watching audience. But with the show ranking in the bottom 20 every week, combined with the exorbitant expense that comes from funding a Sorkin opus, NBC had no choice but to finally call it quits.

So enjoy the remaining episodes, and be happy NBC decided to air them on the screen and not just online. From the looks of it, the ratings for the show aren't any better now.

Think of this as breakup sex: one last romp in the hay with someone you once really cared about before you both go your separate ways.

Sorkin will find his legs again. Just not right now.

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