The Search for the Next Elvira

When I was a kid, my Dad and I would spend Sunday afternoons watching "Elvira Mistress of the Dark" as she hosted her "Movie Macabre" show on local TV in LA. Back before cable, "Movie Macabre" was the only way one could watch truly terrible horror movies and laugh about them with friends. This was more than just watching a B-grade (or lower) spook flick. Elvira would frequently interrupt the film to throw out snarky comments about the acting, directing, special effects or cheesy dialog.

In short, she quickly became my teenage idol.

The success of the show was due in no small part to the "hostess with the mostess." Elvira's cheesy, tongue-in-cheek personality, mixed with her valley-girl way of talking, and her more than ample clevage spilling out of her ultra-low-cut black goth dress carried many a gen-x'er quite happily through puberty.

Now, in her 50's, Elvira, (real name Cassandra Peterson) has figured out a way to have her character live on.

Fox Reality Network has given the green light to "The Search for the Next Elvira," a new hour-long, 3 episode, series that will feature 13 contestants vying for the chance to be the next raven-haired mistress of the dark.

Peterson hopes that this will be the start of a whole army of buxom campy vamps, all portraying the Elvira persona at various functions around the country. Sort of like a gothic Santa Clause, but with a hell of a lot more cleavage.

"There are simply too many ghastly engagements for one Mistress of the Dark to entertain." Peterson said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. "I am searching for someone to share my tricks with -- someone to help spread the Halloween spirit."

The series will start on October 13th and will culminate with a live show announcing the winner on (naturally) Halloween night.

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Anonymous said...

Dahlia Dark would make the best Elvira horror host

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