A quick recap

While I was away on business, a wrestler went ape shit, killed his family and himself and people are SHOCKED that steroids "might" be involved.

The media has worked very hard to cover every nanosecond of the non-event of Paris Hilton as if it were the second coming of christ. Sadly, its really just a herpes-infested skank getting bounced out of jail. Amid throngs of photogs and screaming fans, the celebutard made a big spectacle of walking down the steps into her mother's carefully placed arms. (With that much choreography you would think Mom would have at least gotten out of the SUV first.) And they drive off into the sunset of their brush with the long arm of the law. Laughing all the way.

Then Paris immediately goes on Larry King and bullshits her way through the interview. Does anyone have any doubt that Paris will be doing whatever the fuck Paris wants for however long she may live? IDLYITW has all the details of the hypocrisy. Then check out Gallery of the Absurd's coverage of the uninteresting blob of flesh for even more news.

Evan Almighty came out, floated around and was sunk by an aging Bruce Willis the following week. Morgue movie critic J Jammer should have a review of the new flick sometime soon. See Mondays numbers for more details.

And Steve Job's new must-have toy debuted, causing thousands of iGeeks to sleep in front of the iStores for a chance to spend their hard earned iCash to buy the latest and greatest iGadget. Sure it can connect you to you tube for the latest clip of a guy getting hit in the nuts, but for a $600 phone, $36 activitation fee, a two year contract and a monthly plan starting at $60 a month that includes an additional $1.25 charge to help AT&T comply with government regulations, all I want to know is ...how well does it place and receive a phone call?

Thats it for now.

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