Principal Photography Begins on Indy 4

Time to pull the still-beating heart out of your co-workers while chanting "Gallie-maa, shok-ti-day..."

Yes folks, Harrison Ford has popped a couple of Geritol, and dusted off the fedora and bull whip for one final spin as everyone's favorite snake-hating, adventure-hunting, archaeologist. In other words, principal photography has commenced on the fourth Indiana Jones film.

Here is the official word from the Indiana Jones website:
Today director Steven Spielberg will shout "Action!" marking the return of the character who redefined cinematic action as cameras roll on the first day of principal photography on the new Indiana Jones adventure. Spielberg reunites with executive producer George Lucas and star Harrison Ford to bring the classic hero back to the big screen. It's the trio's first collaboration since the last film in the Indiana Jones series, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Shooting will continue throughout the summer before the film goes into post-production to be ready for its May 22, 2008 release. The new Indiana Jones film is a Lucasfilm Ltd. Production distributed by Paramount Pictures. Frank Marshall returns as producer with Kathleen Kennedy joining Lucas as executive producer.

It's just too bad that Sean Connery passed on the idea of coming out of retirement to be Indy's Dad one more time. It would have been great to see the two work together and we know the story would have been stronger. Still, I have confidence that Spielberg can tell a good story, despite the setbacks with Connery and the multiple script re-writes. Now its only a matter of time before we start hearing reports trickle in from the set, followed by the PR machine hyping everyone for the first Indiana Jones flick in 18 years.

Stay tuned.

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