No Woo for Spy Hunter

According to Variety, Director John Woo has pulled out of the upcoming big screen adaptation of the video game "SPY HUNTER," staring Dwayne, "The Rock" Johnson.

Apparently Woo has been replaced with Alien Vs Predator and Mortal Kombat director Paul W. S. Anderson. We're sure Anderson's involvement will bring a certain level of high-tech mediocrity to the otherwise forgettable screenplay already written.

However, IMDB currently lists the entire production as "On Hold" with no filming dates currently scheduled.

In the meantime, while the studio tries to figure out a way out of the pre-production quagmire they've gotten themselves into, people can at least enjoy the new video game adaptation of the film that doesn't yet. Also according to IMDB,
the first time that an actor has portrayed a character for another medium before shooting has begun on the film itself.

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