More Dirty Laundry: Perez Hilton Kicked to the Curb

Its hard to believe I am once-again mentioning swishy bloggerazzi Perez Hilton (aka Mario Lavanderia), but I find this amusing, so what the Hell...

According to Variety, Hilton's website host, Austrailian-based Crucial Paradigm has dropped the site from their servers due to copyright infringement:

Hilton is currently named in four lawsuits involving eight photo agencies for his alleged theft of photographs that appear on his site, one that's been a popular gossip destination for some 2½ years. Hilton frequently adds his own captions to the shots.

"One of the things the (Crucial) administrator in Sydney had told us the day before was if they received any more notices -- any claim of copyright infringement -- the site is coming down immediately," said Matt Lum, owner of Hoodlum Productions, the L.A.-based company that manages Hilton's site. "The action was taken, in my opinion, to insure Crucial some sort of proof if they were sued, some way to protect themselves."

"Try as they may, can’t nobody hold us down." Says Mr. Lavanderia.

Yeah, OK, whatever, Mario. Now please go away.

But being dropped from his provider is not enough to keep this flowery fop from publicity whoring as much as he possibly can. Hilton will be making an appearance on ABC's The View in July, where I am sure he will fit right in with the other chatty Cathys as they avoid any confrontational discussions and instead yammer on and on about very little of anything significant.

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