Michael Moore's SiCKO (official trailer)

So here is what Michael Moore has been working on for a while. After causing a stir in Cannes, the film opens in the US on June 29

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Michael Moore's trailers, going all the way back to Roger & Me are great. The initial camera work on that film was done by two great documentary makers, George Bush's first cousin Kevin Rafferty and Academy Award nominee Anne Bohlen. This professionalism set the tone for the production values of his film. While researching my new biography, Citizen Moore (RDR Books) I had a chance to see portions of Sicko and also interview 250 people who have worked closely with the director over the years. You don't have to agree with anything he does or says to understand why his work draws the kind of audience that normally favors fictional comedies over documentaries. Instead of just going with spokespeople and the yin/yang of left/right debate, Moore includes endless man and women on the street interviews. Often their stories are poignant, heartbreaking, funny, tragic and above, all interesting. Here's the message for anyone who would like to understand why Moore has been receiving endless media coverage since he trashed the Michigan Elks at age 16 for not letting women join their organization (after they had just given him a prize for an essay on Abraham Lincoln): People never get tired of hearing from the underdog, even if that underdog is a multimillionaire, has two swanky apartments in New York and one of the largest log cabins in America out there on the shores of Michigan's Torch Lake.
Roger Rapoport

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