Look! More Paris Hilton Bullshit!

Celebrity favoritism in the city of Angels? Say it isn't so!

After five whole days behind bars in her private cell, the the trauma and emotional stress of no make-up, and only having one hour per day to talk on the phone was just too much for the frail, pill-popping, drunk-driving, leg-spreading, multi-million dollar publicity whore to bare. So her well-paid lawyers convinced the judge that the rest of her hard time should be spent wearing a big ankle bracelet at her palace in West Hollywood. Even though the original court order specifically states that this would not be allowed.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said there were "medical reasons" behind the decision and stressed she had not been set free, but rather "re-assigned' to serve her sentence at home wearing an electronic tag. (ETonline reports they have an anonymous tip that says the "medical reasons" were some kind of a rash - Big surprise, that one.)

Hilton released a statement thanking the sheriff's department and jail personnel "for treating me fairly and professionally". "I am going to serve the remaining 40 days of my sentence. I have learned a great deal from this ordeal and hope that others have learned from my mistakes," she said while re-dying her roots and sparking up a spliff.

But not so fast, blondie. Your great escape from the lower class may not have been as cleanly cut as you once thought.

Late this afternoon, Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini made the statement that "The city attorney filed a petition for an order to show cause why the sheriff should not be held in contempt for releasing Ms Hilton, and demanded that she be held in custody.''

So Paris is now ordered BACK to court tomorrow morning at 9am.

Meanwhile, we at Media Morgue wonder what our government was doing while the majority of the people of the United States were enthralled with the minutiae of a rich bitch and her public whining. What new rights are being targeted for deletion? What new parts of the Constitution are being stripped away?

Whatever. As long as we know precisely what Paris is doing and what she thinks. Thank god for that.

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