"Knocked Up" Is F'ed Up

Genres: Comedy
Running Time:
2 hrs. 9 min.
Release Date:
June 1st, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating:
R for sexual content, drug use and language.
Universal Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Judd Apatow

JJ Rating: B+

Boy meets Girl at club. Girl giggles. Boy likes. Girl invites boy back to place and then giggles. Boy likes. Girl decides lets have sex. Boy likes. Girl decides must have condom. Boy sighs, tries and fails. Weeks later Girl is pregnant and so the named Knocked Up is borne.

Over all I really liked the movie and the idea of it. There were really great scenes that showcase the HUGE difference between men and women. The scene with the two couples at dinner and the men are discussing Back to the Future and the women are lost beyond belief at why that was even brought up. When the men go to another city to do “men” things and the women decide to go to a club are two great scenes. It’s their realization that what they have is something they actually want. Usually sex scenes are stupid and pointless, but in this movie they were funny and actually served a purpose to the storyline in explaining what was going on. I liked the cameos and most of them were funny especially the first one.

There are a lot of great moments in Knocked Up that make it worth the 2 hour plus I had to sit there. I mean I don’t really love 2 hour comedies because they start to feel like they are drawn out and this one is no exception. There were scenes that could have been cut out and shorten the sitting time but apparently someone thought that such a scene were just too funny to let go so it stayed. I don’t think 2 hours plus for a comedy is such a great idea…ever.

The other thing that was bothersome was the use of the F-word. It was similar to a valley girl when she says “like” a lot. Exchange the like for the F-word and you got how many times this movie over used it. There is not a problem with using the F-word but with most things it should be done in moderation. It’s like having food and salting it you don’t over salt it and then expect it to taste good. Don’t over use the F-word and expect a great script from it. Any over use of any word can be very annoying because any word can be annoying and everyone knows that it’s possible for any word to be annoying…ANY.

But I gave Knocked Up a B+ because it is a great story of how life tosses you things you don’t plan for so you have to do your best. You have to decide what it is you want and work towards that. It is a good comedy one that will have most people laughing because they’ve been through something similar. Because they thought of something like that during sex, that they wanted to say that to someone, that that frustrates them about men or about women.

It’s not a movie I’ll own. I will most likely watch it on TV and see the “good” parts again but that’s about it. No second date for me and this flick. Knocked Up made me laugh out loud several times. It had its moments and with that an odd sense of thoughtfulness that made it slightly wholesome and human. It gave me something new to see that I’ve never seen during a movie. Something that has to do with nudity but not the kind you totally expect. It’s not a movie for the easily offended. Jude Apatow directed it and the other movie he directed was 40-Year Old Virgin which is why Seth Rogen (who plays the knock-uper) is most likely familiar. Knocked Up won’t get you pregnant but it’ll sure the hell share some valuable insight on the whole process….maybe…or you could just read a book about the whole thing.

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