Hillary Clinton Sopranos Spoof.

Continuing in her efforts to be hip and seem more technologically savvy to her potential voters, Hillary Clinton has made this parody video of the now-infamous Sopranos series finale. It ties in her previous efforts to use viral marketing to get people to suggest what her campaign song should be.

Overall the spoof is pretty good. "Don't Stop Belivin'" is playing while Hillary chooses the song on the table-top jukebox machine. In walks Bill Clinton who is greeted by a bowl of carrot sticks "No onion rings?" he questions like a sad little puppy while Chelsea apparently attempts to parallel park outside.

And sitting at the diner bar playing the role of the mysterious man in the Member's Only jacket is Vince Curatola - who played Johnny "Sack" Sacrimoni in the Sopranos.

The whole thing cuts to black just as she picks the song that we will be associating with her campaign for the next year.

For those of you that are dying to know, apparently 200,000 people picked "You and I" by Celine Dion to be the song.

And in unison, the entire country rolls their eyes.

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