“Evan Almighty” is just Evan, Alrighty?

Genres: Comedy, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Politics/Religion and Sequel
Running Time: 90 min.
Release Date:
June 22nd, 2007 (wide)

MPAA Rating:
PG for mild rude humor and some peril.

Universal Pictures

Directed by: Tom Shadyac

JJ Rating: B+

God asks Evan to make an ark because a flood is coming. Evan laughs. God persists. Evan jeers. God persists. Evan realizes He’s not going away so Evan builds an ark at the expense of his public image. Evan Almighty.

Bruce Almighty was first and Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) was in that film. This is more like a spin-off than a sequel because Bruce is not even mentioned in this film at all. The only thing really similar is that God (Morgan Freeman) is back making another request of another human. I just really love Freeman he’s one of my favorite actors and I tend to really like the movies he’s in. Carell is funny in this film because he has a way with saying the most simple things in silly manner. Case in point: SHEEP!

Evan Almighty is simple film with a simple story that does not have SHOCK value. There is not crude humor that would make you blush if you brought your kids to see the film. It’s pretty decent in that regard. It has simple child humor but I found myself laughing and enjoying the simplicity and heart that it presented. I liked how it showed the need for family and to stand by someone. People today just seem to drop people quickly even family.

I am again amazed how they present God. The way in which Freeman shows Him with ease and less commanding and domineering personality like some people would have it. He shows God as easy going, wise and using questions to get his point across. That just brings me to my favorite scene in the entire film where Lauren Graham is at a restaurant and her boys go to the restroom and she gets a visit. It’s just simple cool for me.

The problem that I had with the film was the way in which it was blue screened. I mean it looked bad sometimes but I learned to ignore it and just enjoy it for what they were trying to do. But if I had to pick something that needed to be worked on that was it.

I scanned some critic reviews and I have to say they suck. I think they are too hard on some movies for the sake of being hard. They see an easy rib and therefore decide to hate it so that they can be seen as clever and giggle worthy to their avid idiotic readers. I personally believe in fluff and a family fun and silly movies. Evan Almighty is one of those movies that’s just silly fluff with a family moral that is better than anything that these said critics have given high marks to.

Should you see it? I don’t think I’d list it as something that is a must see. I don’t really have a lot of those on a list but it is a good movie as in it’s something that will be easy to follow and nothing that will make you scratched your head. You’ll just get it. Though there is one line in the movie that is funny but only to those that have read the story that is referenced to---and no it’s not a Noah quote.

I don’t own Bruce Almighty but I liked it. I am up in the air on whether or not I’ll own Evan Almighty. I’m going to go with probably not. But I’d see it again. I like simple movies and I liked Evan Almighty and Even Almighty is a simple movie with simplicity of heart. I am not an over critical whore who feels the need to trash a film to get a good zing in...so for that I say AMEN.

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